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  • The rods and reels are fabulous...I have moved them into surfcasting roles where they have been superb. As I fish the surf at night, there are no pictures. This of course works to my advantage. Big fish out there, Man!  

    W. L. Lyons Brown, III - Virginia

  • The Martha Ann [fly rod] helped bring to hand over 40 brook trout, and one chub. The gentle sweetness of the fiberglass is very reminiscent of bamboo which I generally fish. It was such a pleasure to fish with the rod. You can bet “Martha Ann” will see many more Maine waters! Tycoon Tackle’s dedication to “Martha Ann”, and to the Casting For Recovery Retreat goals is significant to the wellness of breast cancer survivors and the CFR program.

    Nancy Taylor - Angler, CfR Volunteer, and Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum Trustee, Maine

  • To all fishing peeps…Check out Tycoon Tackle when you get a chance. This company was founded by Frank O’Brien, grandfather of one of our very own island boys Michael O’Brien. I spoke with Michael’s uncle Tim who now runs the store/site when he was kind enough to call me (that’s right, he called) to question an order I placed. Although the item I wanted was not available he offered me another and said if I had any concerns to call him and he would ship the original item. That kind of customer service seems to become more rare these days. By taking the time to talk with me for few minutes gained a loyal customer for life! Thank you Tim for your great customer service…

    Kristine Lyman McGee - South Carolina

  • We went fishing in our kayaks last weekend here in the Keys. I fished my 8-15# Regal Tycoon spinning rod, I like everything about it. Casting toward the mangroves can be a challenge but the rod made it easy.  I put one of the small Fin-Nor Inshore 3000 reels on it to tryout. A good balanced outfit. I switched to my Shimano 2500 Stratic for the second day and found it worked out well also. The fiberglass rod is very light and I like the parabolic taper.  It makes the rod more forgiving. We caught several small Lemon and Black Tip sharks along with a few small ‘cud’s.  Not much really photo worthy though.

    Butch Carey - Florida

  • “You folks have a significant, important history and legacy, and it’s great to see y’all crafting such wonderful tools.”

    Shannon Tompkins - The Houston Chronicle

  • I have caught 20-30 fish on your rod and I have had no problem getting the necessary distance or roll-casting.  I doesn’t take a set.  My buddies all admire it…I really like your rod.

    Robert Tolle - North Carolina

  • I received yesterday the Tycoon rod, excellent rod! I will proceed to mount a reel and use on my next fishing trip…I hope that next year we can fish together in the IBT and win the tournament with your rod.

    Gustavo Hermida - Past Commodore of Club Nautico de San Juan and Angler

  • Carol had a ‘grand time’ with her new 3-wt.  It took her almost 20 minutes to bring the 19-inch rainbow to the net. It took a size 22-midge. See ya at the Virginia show.

    Carol and Jay “Fishy” Fullum - New York

  • The bamboo rod that you showed me today was a great rod! Very smooth and accurate! It was the only bamboo rod that I cast today! No reason to cast anyone else’s!

    Sandi Roberts - Professional Fly Angler

  • Tim, hoy nos llego la caña. Gracias mil, quedo bella!!! [Tim, the fishing rod arrived today. A thousand thanks, it is beautiful!!!]

    Miguel Donato - Chairman–60th Annual International Billfish Tournament, San Juan Puerto Rico

  • I recently purchased a fishing rod and reel for my son as a Christmas present from Tycoon Tackle. I would like to personally thank Mr. Tim O’Brien for his assistance in helping me pick out the correct style, type, weight, and application.  His customer service and expertise were exceptional and really helped make the decision to buy from Tycoon Tackle a smart one.   I endorse his products fully and would highly recommend Tycoon Tackle to anyone looking to add to their fishing experience.

    James Tutor - Houston, Texas

  • I wanted to let you know the 30-lb. Regal Trolling Rod my wife gave me for Christmas is beautiful.  It is everything I wanted and needed in a trolling rod. Looking forward to using it.  Thanks for the great service and communication.

    Jack E. Kleiner - Pennsylvania

  • The rods arrived today. They look so damn good, I am no longer certain I want to gift them to my friend as was planned. I may just have to keep them.

    John Bello - Virginia

  • I’m hooked on Tycoon Tackle!  On my last trip to Alaska, I landed more than 50 fish–Dolly Varden Trout in one day.  Overall, on this trip I landed more than 200 fish and my Tycoon fly-rod performed admirably–it is the best fly-rod I have ever owned.  I am hooked on Tycoon Tackle

    Matthew Stimart - Virginia

  • For a full month, I’ve been fishing, from Virginia to Maine, and everywhere in between! In that time, my new favorite rod, the Tycoon Tackle Scion series, graphite, has facilitated the capture of, literally, hundreds of fish. Whether throwing big streamers to smallmouth and carp; making long, delicate dry fly presentations to low-water, spring creek brown trout; or high-sticking for small-stream, Maine brook trout, the Scion has shined in every situation I’ve encountered!

    Matthew Rielly - Fishing Columnist, Virginia

  • The rods are beautiful. It’s nice to see someone creating fine fiberglass with all its great intrinsic qualities plus new innovations that bring it to a higher level.

    Fred Thorner - Angler and Author

  • The finest and most satisfactory rods I have ever used are those made by the Tycoon Tackle Company…

    S. Kip Farrington, Jr. - Author and Angler

  • The best [rods] I have found, outside of the old Hardy Hickory-Palakona bamboo #5, are those made by Frank O’Brien of Tycoon Tackle, Inc. His rods are incomparably the best I know made today.

    Ernest Hemingway - Angler and Author